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Tomt s
i am more persuaded by theories of global collapse than I am of global Chinese hegemony.the Chinese are taking too long and pumping out too much CO2 to win before the collapse overtakes the world
Richard Overall
uite there yet but it will be. India is a totally different kettle of fish, utterly corrupt and unreliable. Any one who/ ot q have done a lot of business in both China and India. China is an easy place with which to do business. Quality is neaks India is an emerging super power is completely deluded
Zak McKracken
he U.S. might have $20 Trillion GDP economy, but from that the U.S. govt produces tax revenues no greater than the Prc oeven France and Germany combined, the U.S. has a tax revenue deficit of 33% of govt spending (ie U.S. govt generates 3 trillions in tax, spends over 4) ssentially a bankrupt, banana republic with nukes.
Zak McKracken
PRC exports around $2.25 Trillion exports, 18%% of which goes towards the U.S. market, even without America existing, the Chinese econould still be larger than all other countries
Charles Hinton
Thanks to America granting China a favored nation status without witch China would still be a backwater.ce it. without America China would not have experience the spectacular growth of the last 30 years.
Vincent Bithell 
I've previously read that by 2035 70% of the Chinese will be 65yo or above with 'average' weal th somewhere around 1/10th of your average Greek. Couple that with an unsustainable credit line and I'm doubtful that the next century 。

Frank Yeo
ejoice Vincent Bithell But you won't believe in extrapolation by that time. If you want to daydream about this race witChina it is not i but the BBC and all British historians know that China was ahead of the west not for a couple of hundred years but for all history. It was half of wotld history. Who can say it may not again? Even today there are more billioaires in China than in USA which was a stolen continent and built by slaves.
Uncle Dolan
that's not going to happen. Dream on. Asians don' t know how to lead.Why do you think China steals so much technological know-how from the West? Because theyre leaders and act as such?
Frank Yeo 
Hahaha. You were hundreds years behind and even thousands years. You only built on what was commonplace in China But who

Charles Hinton
chinese demographics indicate that China is now at its peak After 2020 it might be all down hillespecially if water shortages become more severe.
oliver Iliffe
According to author David Aikman, formerly of Time Magazine, there are some in the Chinese Academy of Social Science who have concluded that Christianity was responsible for the success of the West-as the moral foundation of social, cultura and economic life from which popular capitalism and democracy developed Confucianism has been around for a thousand years, as has the technological ability and populousness of the Chinese, so why should these advantages come to the fore only now? Perhaps we are walking away from our roots, as opposed to China sudfinding a winning.  

Abhishek Singh
The Warlock India has nothing to gain by being part of any overtly anti-US alliance. ideally, India would preferthat the Us and Russia patch up so that both nations can focus on the real threat: an expansionist and belligerent China.

Michael Scuffil
Yes and no. Or rather: China yes, India., well maybe. Apparently there are more hotels in Shanghai than in th
hole of India. And when did you ever buy something made in India?(Apart, I suppose, from remote help with your compute