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Sthitapragnya Deshpande
Asian scholar - once lived in China
China is not "trying" to encircle India, Myanmar, Pakistan and Sri Lanka - China is doing the same as it does in other neighbors in Africa and Asia.
Japan has been interested in Sri Lanka since the 1970s. Colombo airport is mainly built by the Japanese, and a large plaque on the airport reminds us of this. All the vehicles used in the airport are from Japan (due to Japan's automobile regulations, the second-hand automobile industry has flourished, similar to the Philippines). China only began to do so in 2010.
Sri Lanka has always been an excellent location for maritime transport. But no one wants to develop it - especially Hambantota, which is located on the route of all ships from the Strait of Malacca to Suez, with almost no diversion. China is now marching here.
Vdhay Kumar
Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and construction
Every Chinese ship must cross the Indian Ocean, or China must add 1000 nautical miles to do business with the rest of the world. Therefore, China believes that India is their potential threat.
In order to confront India, they signed treaties with Sri Lanka, Pakistan, North Korea and Maldives. India has also signed treaties with Iran, Madagascar and South Africa, deployed defense facilities in all these countries and fortified Port Blair (part of India) in the central Indian Ocean. Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are India's additional advantages.
Ray Comeau
Risk Analyst
Given that the Indian media are used to exaggeration, this problem often arises. Speculation and conspiracy are the essence of the game.
Why should China surround India? Perhaps this is related to the fact that China is developing two large-scale long-term projects to the West:
One belt, one road from China to Europe and North Africa.
India is a big country between China and Europe, which means that China must bypass India, go north by road to Europe, go south by water to the Suez Canal and enter the Mediterranean Sea. But India decided not one belt, one road.
In order to protect China's access to oil from Iran and the Middle East, China is building a port at Gwadar Port and an oil pipeline to China through Pakistan.
This route is much shorter and will enable China to avoid shipping oil through India and South China.
Shubham Satyam
Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the Institute of Technology
The foreign visits of prime minister Narendra modi have made him a hero, but I doubt whether these visits have brought benefits to India in addition to enhancing modi's own image. I am not here to criticize his diplomatic visit, but I do have an opinion on him.
Yes, the world is looking at us with new respect, but it does not solve the dilemma between us and our neighbors.
China knows what to do to Force India back. China's foreign policy aims to enhance its economic and military strength in order to achieve regional hegemony in Asia. It has been implementing many development projects in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives and Pakistan. It is also closely related to the internal affairs of these countries. Whether in the Rohingya crisis between Myanmar and Bangladesh or when the Maldives MZ structure was torn apart, China stood up and played the role that India should play.
Jatin Goyal
The so-called "string of pearls" is China's policy of encircling India in an all-round way. This is mainly to establish its influence in South Asia.
China is at a stage of expanding into Asia and even the world. Therefore, it needs to establish its own national image. This country can surpass other countries militarily. By controlling all major trade corridors and achieving further economic results.
Jean Lafontane
Working in the railway system
With China's current large-scale projects in Europe and Africa, China must find a way to bypass India. Where do you think China is going? Invading India?
There are many similar problems. I found that many Indians just can't see the rationality here, but just let their emotions, fear or jealousy take over.
Pavan Ch
International Relations scholar
India has a lot of knowledge to learn from the Chinese, but China is not as open as other countries. It is first and foremost in line with its geopolitical interests. China does not regard the construction of ports and other infrastructure as a humanitarian cause for the development of these ports. In this way, China has entered the markets of other countries and established strong relations with these countries. Given China's economic and military size, it can influence these countries when needed. China is providing huge loans at higher interest rates than the world bank and the International Monetary Fund. Poor countries cannot get help from these institutions because there is no guarantee that they will repay. But China is not worried about whether these countries can recover their investment. It only needs those who join and open up with the Chinese. In this way, other countries can play a role.
Sharmila Bose
Master of Political Science
China is not strategically surrounding India, but building a trade sea channel. This is China's flagship project and is investing heavily in infrastructure construction. This is how China handed over its ports to British and French businessmen after the Opium War. China is now occupying ports such as Sri Lanka and Pakistan to occupy its internal market.
Nasraf Serzanli
it professional
China encircles India so that China can influence and suppress India. To this end, China is slowly building a string of "pearls" around India in the Indian Ocean.
Nasraf Serzanli
Master of science, California Institute of technology, working at Microsoft
China was and remains an imperialist country pretending to be a socialist country. However, stupid India never realized this.
Srikanth Throvagunta
Bachelor of Indian Institute of Technology
China is just expanding. Like Pakistan, China has occupied some territory along the Indian border. However, China has not violated any ceasefire agreement.
India should deploy more troops and build a missile defense system along the border, because China knows more technology than Pakistan. China's motives are unclear.