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Michael ts
When usa and nato invaded Afganistain 20 years ago the road didnt exist. 10 years into the war China started building the road and finished it before the USA and Nato got kicked out of Afganistan. Thats why China is winning
bill jobs
meanwhile Indian proud about Modi infrastructure achievements and say India will beat china in infrastructure
arpit chauphan
Democratic countries don't dream of this type of development
real leaner
What's happening in China every week world largest biggest longest etc.. Is it real? I can't believe such speed tranrmation

liew willian
Marvellous To build a highway across the desert is no easy task Only China can do it.
A fantastic construction. There are not many places in the world where a highway of 2800 km is built quickly, Great work
one day, along these long highway's no man land, we will see green trees, colourful flowering, pristine river/pond and many shop/stall, all lining the way and be known as Silk Road 2 o in the future, Hoping I am still around then to visit thismiracle
Kahl Ki
Wish your beautiful dream come true
James foran
In Austin it takes a month or years to fix a pothole, then it s never done properl
Da Cat
In Romania it takes years, but on paper its fixed every night

My friend got in b4 pandemic, and during it he visited from beijing to Urumqi, but by high speed rail not highway Everyting is using AI and machinery now, even the train trackare using a van like machine, while people only need to push along the track like trolley. I think you could find such demo video. The way China company building skyscraper in my country is like few times faster than our local builder, hence they always got repeat order
Western media: China stole our " road
pieter bezuiden hout
Not forgetting about wild life makes you CHINA a Champion in my books.rilliant achievement INVESTING in your Country rather than DESTROYING other Nations Respect from a South African Boer
ope one day, I can travel through this expressway. It's amazing

ncredible Greater Pakistan
Construction of 28oo km expressway in these lands is not very easy it takes years and years of hard work, amazing work now just plant millions of trees on both sides to make it more beautiful

Don Rechtman
Here's an angle the U.S. simply can't comprehend: this expressway and the trains that serve western China in the short term are all loss losers, and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future. However, the assured connection between al Chinese people is a source of pride and inspiration that in the long term contributes to China s overall growth and proshe U.S. has no high speed trains, or easily available trans-continental trains but at least has some highways connecting East and West The auto and petrol lobbies were quite effective at destroying the U.S. train system in the early 1900s, and as there's no short term profit to be made on rail expansion, its not gonna happen. Take this one seemingly unrelated step further: China is investing heavily in education to provide even isolated rural students with the same educational opportunities as urban students. This again is a loss leader, but China understands that the economics of equality outweigh the economies of short term profit The U. S will not properly invest in education, because in a capitalist system any venture without short term profit is largely taboo. It takes a strong centralized government such as exists in China to ensureeducation equi