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-oMG that's the coolest thing i have seen in ages. China always took the defensive role, denying accusations or be the shock absorber, This time they are just being frank about being sick of US s lack of basic manners.
thorus adamus crusius
he whole world knows that the USA never has respected diplomatic protocols, nor will it ever.
hundred cs
That is the way to talk to the US regime.
Mango sorbet
Asking media to leave when US representative seems to lose control. Yesterday it was Putin bombed Biden, today Yang told.
Ir. Yang speaks confidently and assertively not just for China, but on behalf of the world as well. the u s regime is aper tiger, still pretend to be tough and dominant, the world knows.
Anti war peace
The entire world is sick of America's non stop meddling and bullying
Lim benjy
So well rebutted. Absolutely awesome! Shameful for one to use self perceived entitlement of strength to speak down on an
his meeting is very important, China performance from the start is stunningt is also showing to the rest of the world.
ashley mistletoe
we think too well of you. this sums it all up.
Covert puppy Two
@ashley mistletoe: I think this sums up the American side when the second highest American official said at the meeting in-front of the pres And of course, we're going to be looking at deeds not words on that front, and were of course coming to these discussions with a very clear eyed view about the(People's Republic of China)'s pretty poor track record of keeping its promis
@ashley mistletoe依我看,这句话是对美方代表的总结,尤其是当美方代表中官职第二的官员在媒体面前说出以下这句话日看的是行动而非言词。在进行这些讨论时,我们应清楚地看到,中国在履行自己的承诺方面存在…,记
Ibraishah abdullah
@Covert puppy Two :As a student of history, it's well known who has a 400 year long history of breaking treaties and not respecting human rights. It is so well known that everyone knows exactly what I' m saying without having to say it
@Covert puppy Two作为一名历史专业的学生,我很清楚,究竞哪个国家在4年的历史中一直破坏条约、不尊重人权。我同样知道,即便我不提有人也都知道这个国家的名字.
Currently procrastinating
That was an epic scolding. blxen must be asking where his own senior diplomat is at.
shera shera
@arren ty procrastinating: The facial expression says it all, period.
@arren ty procrastinating: 他脸上的表情已经解释了一切。
I am ASEAN and I wholeheartedly supporting Chinas position in the Alaska Dialogue
Hunga Bas tah de luxe
@Mybottienose:ASEAN is an organisation And asean definitely does not support China s illegal activities in the South China Sea.
Tbraishah abdullah
@Hunga Bastah de Luxe:Only the most depraved arrogant person could see countless people from Asian countries all telling you what they think and you still think you know them better than they know themselves and you still think you speak for them even after they told you they support China. Seriously this is like a mental disorder.
Fur Elise
@Hunga Bas tah de Luxe:U don t know anything bout indonesian local news Seems u read too much inverted narrative western news!
@Hunga Bas tah de Luxe:你对印度尼西亚的当地新闻一无所知,应该是看西方假新闻太多了!
Than s mei(回复 Hunga Bas tah de Luxe)
@Hunga Bas tah de Luxe:Im from one of the ASEAN countries. No anti China news! Wejust want peace n freedom to do businees with whoever we chooto. You enlightened now?
@Hunga Bas tah de Luxe:我来自东盟,这里没有任何反华新闻!我们只是想要和平、自由,并和所有人做生意而已。你现在明白了吗?!
Happy oldman
am a western retired in Asia and I too wholeheartedly supporting Chinas positio living in Asia and traveling to China and many Asia countries I had seen with my eyes and come to realized most of the w
estern medias reporting about Asia countries are fake news and propaganda
forjw2 googl
hahaha looks like he is scolding at bunch of kids
Translation: If you want to talk we will talk, if you want to fight we will fight.
shera shera
America will go back and tell their press that china is agreeing to everything murica wants and in turn the msm will broacast to the ignorants in murica and they will believe all the shit lies they hear
Mango Sorbet
China already knew nothing conclusion but at least China get to told off US in front of world camera. That's good outcome on its own. American ego need a big lesson.
The American century is over-it is their own fault. THX for the service and all the best from Europe We should try toommunicate to each other in respect
And to America side the worst part of that is that the bully is not working this time.
Lee ronald
Not only US is not diplomatic but behaving foolishly showing the world US is no longer proficient to talk, discuss or negotiate US is just using gangster or 'mafia tactics to meet the Chinese delegates
America sent school kids to deal with seasoned Chinese diplomats