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一加公司上周早些时候发布了一加8和一加8 Pro手机,但没有给出印度这个最重要的市场的定价信息。现在我们有了印度市场的定价了,这款新手机在印度的竞争力、可能比你所想的基于美国定价要强大得多,该款手机在美国的价格将该品牌推向了旗舰级别。
根据一条推特信息显示,一加公司表示,一加8系列的起价是41999卢比,约合550美元,而一加8在美国的价格是699美元起。不过,根据Android Central的说法,这种比较有一个小问题,即印度市场的入门级机型似乎是市场中比较独特的,其入门机型的内存为6GB,而不是8GB,只有在亚马逊上才能买到。
OnePlus also has manufacturing lines in India that help it avoid tariffs.
That was the first thing I wondered about. Seems like the iPhone SE on the other hand is more expensive in India, where they’re already making the XR there it would probably make sense to also start making the SE and drop the price avoiding the tarrifs.
这是我好奇的第一件事。另一方面,iPhone SE在印度似乎更贵一些,但他们已经在印度生产iPhone XR了,因此也可以开始生产SE,降低价格、避免关税。
Holy. I just checked out – do you really end up paying $550+ for an iPhone that costs $399 in US? I always thought iPhones were made in India too?
The iPhone/OnePlus value argument varies quite a bit depending on where you are. I noticed, for instance, that the OnePlus 8 and iPhone 11 seem to have the same base price in the US, whereas here in the UK, the OnePlus is £130 cheaper for whatever reason. Plus, you get double the base storage.
The SE isn’t quite as good a deal here, either.
iPhone和一加手机的定价根据您所在的地区会有很大的不同。例如,我注意到,在美国,一加 8和iPhone 11的入门机型价格似乎是一样的。而在我们英国,不知道是出于什么原因,一加手机要比iPhone11便宜130英镑。另外,你还可以得到双倍的存储空间。
This is too expensive for Indian market anyway. It’s not going to fly.
The OnePlus 7T is 35,000 Rs ($458) in India, whereas the equivalent OnePlus 8 is 45,000 Rs. That’s $130 more expensive for pretty much the same phone (better CPU but no telephoto lens). Hardly anyone buys the Pro model in India, it’s just too expensive.
OnePlus have TOTALLY lost India, their no. 1 market by far.
一加 7T在印度的价格是35000卢比(458美元),而同级别的一加 8则是45000卢比,对于几乎同等的手机(除了更好的CPU,但没有长焦镜头)来说,却要贵上130美元。在印度,几乎没有人会买带Pro的机型,真的太贵了。
一加已经完全失去了印度 -- 他们目前的第一大市场。
It also adds wireless charging and water proofing.
Their strategy seems sound to me. If you read the article, you’d see that they have phones from the same parent company at lower price points. This allows them to target the more ‘premium’ segment of the market.
Pranav Bhattarai
No matter how much the "flagship killer" the mobile is, for mobile, 80% of Indians will not pay more than NRS 80,000. Because they will get a better offer from others like Mi.
India has a big population. Many companies like to do business there. For that, they need to keep the price realistic. Because cheap mass subscxtions will always overcome costly fewer subscxtions in figures. Everybody knows this. From YouTube to Netflix. So they drop this price.
Mella Is Money
YouTube gained 100k paying subscriber last year. So it seems like India is paying for these services
Yep, a lot of Indians, including me, pay for services such as Netflix, Spotify Premium etc. because the pricing here is more affordable as compared to US prices. For example, the cheapest Netflix plan starts for roughly $3 per month, and the most expensive is roughly $10 per month that gives 4 screens and 4K resolution. In the US, Netflix starts at $9 per month and goes all way up to $16 for the 4K+4 screen plan.
OnePlus 8 doesn’t have wireless charging, nor water proofing. Only the (too) expensive Pro model has it.
OnePlus 8 doesn’t even have a telephoto lens, which all OnePlus phones for the last 4 years have had, at a far lower price.
OnePlus fans are abandoning the ship because OP have been selling premium phones for a lower price. Now the regular OP 8 is worse than the last year’s 7T, but much more expensive (I’m talking about in India, and that’s even more true in other markets).
一加 8没有无线充电,也没有防水功能。只有(太过)昂贵的Pro机型才有这些。
一加 8甚至都没有长焦镜头,这是过去4年所有一加手机都拥有的,而且之前的价格要低得多。
It’s expensive for Indians. The Indian price of OnePlus 8 Pro would be great for the western countries, it would be an instant best seller. But for Indians that’s just too much to pay for a phone. It CAN’T sell well. Even the regular OP 8 is quite expensive, especially for what you get (not much).
The old and now discounted 7T (non Pro) will sell really well, not just because of much lower price than the 8, but because you get a lot of phone for the money.
对印度人来说很贵。印度的一加 8 Pro的价格对西方国家人来说是个不错的选择,(如果在西方也是这样的定价)它将成为爆款。但对于印度人来说,这实在是太贵了,不会卖得太好。即使是普通版本的一加 8也相当昂贵,尤其是对于你得到的东西而(并没有得到太多的东西)。
I wonder if they’ll be able to pull some marketshare back with the rumoured OnePlus Z?
It’s rumoured to have a launch price almost £200 lower than the 8’s in the UK, so hopefully the Indian market pricing will be similarly aggressive.
This makes plenty of sense considering OnePlus’ market dominance of the "high end" smartphone market in India, as well as the recent rise of real competition from other Chinese brands & Samsung’s A series. India is the only market where OnePlus isn’t just a niche brand (though rapidly growing / increasing in mind-share) bought by people in the know looking for a great deal, but is instead the "flagship tier" market leader. They’re likely willing to do a whole lot more than just subsidize the Indian market’s prices through more developed markets, to maintain that leadership in such a particularly large & quickly growing economy.
And when you add in the fact that OnePlus has the manufacturing facilities necessary to produce their phones in country/free of tariffs, that gives them even more wiggle room with cutthroat pricing.
Will the Indian models work over here? If so there will be a booming import trade.
Yeah they should work just fine.
Posted on Apr 20, 2020 | 4:53 AM
You may be left in the lurch when it comes to support though, with Oneplus insisting that you hand it in to a repair centre in India. Currently going through this with Samsung after buying from Hong Kong
Apparently some info from OnePlus says that not all 5G bands will work on Indian models. That might be a deal breaker if you want 5G.
I’ve always wondered but never got my head around this. I bought an S7 Edge from India when it came out (saved about 40% on retail price). I swear the battery sinks a lot faster when I use it in the UK so I think for sure there are network band differences. It’s anecdotal evidence for how it might differ, I don’t know enough about the network bands, so sure someone else who knows more can say
我一直在想、但一直都没想明白。我在印度买了一台三星S7 Edge(在它刚发售的时候),我发誓,当我在英国使用的时候、电池掉电要快得多,所以我想肯定是网络频段有差异,这可能是印度机型存在差异的一个不严谨的例子,我对网络频段了解的不多,对此有更多了解的人、可以说说。
I think an unlocked models LTE will work just fine. Not sure about every 5G band, but…Might not matter in the life of the phone.
Most products are cheaper in the US than in the EU.
As a European, I’m used to tech things being cheaper abroad. Partly because European prices include VAT, partly because costs are a bit higher (shipping, localization, lower volume), and partly because foreign companies want more margin outside their home markets.
Isn’t the pound being worth 1.25USD a tailwind at least? With Canada, not only is there that import or just because upcharge and then more taxes, but also the currency is worth significantly less than USD.

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