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While most world capitals have been waiting for significant economic reforms since Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election to office in 2014, his government has prioritised social reengineering over economic growth in India.

Don’t make the mistake of comparing Chinese model of economy with India. It is an authoritarian country and can implement any plan without regard to public opinion. China has ruined its environment as a price for rapid economic growth and now paying price by way of polluted rivers, polluted air, unhygienic living conditions.
China did their asat test in 2007, when their economy was the size ours is today.
if the author of this article was based in India, she’d already be dead in the hands of a jobless hindu fanatic. women or minorities are not safe in India.
You mean jobless “Islamic terrorist”. Hindus are having jobs more than muslims, they contribute and work , not busy like you in 5 times arabic prayer drama. If India gets rid of 19 cr or whatever number of people with Arabic followers, we would work better similar to what China did
Avatarprashant sharma
you are spreading these canards & lies. You look very safe to me! We dont kill liars in india. We just counter their lies by truth. Thats what they hate most.
Dil se garib, stop proviking unnecessarily.!
AvatarMahendra Gaur
Why bother about rise or fall of others. We should focus on our economic problems instead of turning Nelson’s èye to them.
Amen. You said it. Sadly, the lesson is still lost on India. Current boast is since 1 AD, India was the super power for 75% of the time until 259 years ago !!!,
AvatarRamana Murthy
Did the author mean to say social “engineering” instead of social “reengineering”? There is no doubt that Modi’s second term is putting “society and culture” above Economy and law & order, but “reengineering” implies the previous regimes also indulged in engineering. So is this a simple case of the wrong word or is the author unwittingly holding the previous regimes too to account?
AvatarSurendra Barsode
At a broad level, the statement that China built its economy and military power before announcing itself as world power (though it ignores the dark period of cultural revolution), along with the fact that India is still mired in social engineering rather than building a strong economy is fine. Rest of the article is however, usual rant of a left liberal sickular. However, what Modi has failed to do is to initiate basic structural reforms to get economy out of the quagmires of Nehru Indira socialist days and deeply obstructive role of bureaucrats in economic matters. He can do this even while going ahead with his outreach to poor under various schemes. That Modi has finished most of the contentious issues of India polity is a fact and there is no going back ever in future on Art 370, Ram Mandir, Triple Talaq, UCC, reservation for general category, consolidation of Hindu castes versus minority appeasement, CAA and NRC etc or even how to deal with Pakistan. Having achieved this new normal, the next milestone has to be India’s economic rise, which should be his real legacy. There is a hardly any point in debating on numbers like GDP growth rate, unemployment rate or inflation etc; as they will keep moving up and down due to many factors temporally, Modi or no Modi. What is fundamental is that Modi must re-architecture the frxwork of economic management and in this task which at this time the country expects from him, he has so far failed.
Very true. There is not much hope left for this country. There will be no progress. Most parties are not convinced about economic reforms. For 29 years, no major effort was made to sell reforms to the people. Instead what was done was by stealth. Reforms by stealth have run their course.
Indians just talk too much with no effort or desire to make long term changes. India is not on its way to become a great power. Political parties are just stoking people’s egos by talking big. The Govt is not making the needed investments in education, healthcare, infrastructure, maintenance of law & order, and defence to build up state capacity. The less said about science & technology, the better. Apart from making some investments in ISRO for showboating, there is complete neglect…. even in agriculture which affects nearly half the population.
The overall picture of India looks quite bleak because after this demagogue, his best pal will take over. He doesn’t inspire much confidence either given his track record. Just as hundreds of successful entrepreneurs have voted with their feet and already moved their base abroad, abandon ship!
AvatarAravind Swaminathan
Beautifully summarised article.
AvatarGS Ruddin
Excellent article, as a Muslim son of Indian parents, i couldn’t agree more. India is a nation that is known for bigmouths and no results. Its infrastructure, economy, military, academics, sports, foreign service and every other measure trail China but it still imagines itself a major power while being a large Bangladesh basically.
Hindu nationalists are the worst and are most blind to India’s foibles. Modi is their even more blind leader!
China is kicking your religion out, they solved their social problem first then moved for addressing economic problem and now India is doing the same. I know that is why it is hurting you.
Any man who must say ''''I am king'''' is no true king at all.
i would rather prefer an India with better living standards, instead of a world power.
We have neither
atleast we have rotting cows...sigh
We are fucked! Aren''''t we?