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Anand Indiran
Here are some key reasons why China is ahead of India.China and India were not equal when it started. Indian median poverty was very less than China. India had many ultra rich so statistical average gives different picture that both were at same level.In India, there were costal pockets who had access to education because British wanted slaves who can help in trade. Other areas were almost illiterate. China was more homogeneous and was comparatively easier to develop.Life expectancy was 38 !! This sums up the state of a nation.Social fabric of India was completely decimated by British while China retained its culture. In India, rot had set in mentally, people became losers and accepted it as their fate.British divided India into religions which didn''''t exist before British came. Then they wedged the divide deeper extrapolating false narratives of caste oppression to such an extent that people believed it as gospel truth and started practising it. However such divisions by British created rift in society and mistrust is society. It''''s affect is being felt even today.India has many regional languages. Hindi is spoken by less than 25 ℅. China is more homogeneous.In short we did not start at same level. India was hopelessly backward and divided society.China opened up at the right time 20 years ahead of India by choice. India opened up not by choice but compulsion.
Aria Diehl
I''''ll break down this answer into various points, in order to explain why.1.Brain drain.In India it is required to know English to a fairly high degree in order to go to higher education, (something I find rather disgusting), as a result it is much easier for Indians especially those with the money. To leave India for a western country where they see that they can have a better life. This is catastrophic to India as all the good qualified people are leaving and can''''t help the economy. China being a country where everything is in Chinese doesn''''t have nearly as big a problem with this.2.Language barriers.India is made up of many languages. Several provinces have their own official language. While in china everyone can more or less understand Mandarin fluently. In India no language holds that spot. This causes a major problem. As even business inside the country can pose a language barrier. India needs a unifying language (not English for the reason stated above). This would be vital for India''''s economic growth.3.Government.China has a oneparty state. The model they use is also extremely efficient, compared to almost every other government in the worlds. As a result it was able to rise incredibly fast. India does not have this uber efficient government style. It uses a government style from a foreign country. One that was designed in a country with a completely different situation from India. As a result it doesn''''t work as efficiently as it should. 
Venu Gopal
Even after getting Independence earlier than china , India don’t stand with allies country in terms of economical development due to following reasons.Democratic government- China has adopted constitution where only one party can contest election(i.e communist party). If anyone want to fight election he must be nominated from communist party. India has adopted democratic system where multiparty can contest election. Due to democracy its not possible to implement law instantly. Passing a bill and implementing a law takes almost one year whereas china can make and implement law instantly.Civic Sense-Indian people don’t have Civic sense. They don’t consider public property their own. In foreign country people consider public property alike their private property. A nation cannot be develop until and unless it’s citizen will hold accountability towards his duty.Corruption- The major obstacle in India’s development in corruption. Does you ever went into any government office , your file will not move from desk until you pay bribe to employee . It applies to government banking sector also. The government body is full of corruption from lower to higher level.Law and administration- India is homeland of more than 1.35 billion people. Indian government don’t recruit police,bureaucrat,judge to maintain law and administration. The politician always wants to live in limelight of media and they spent large part of taxpayers money in election and campaigning for votes. If all is well in society then who will give “value” to politician.
David Ellsworth
It looks clear to me why China develops so quickly, but it is usually beyond the comprehension of people who believe that multiple party systems are the only valid form of democracy. The delusion of opposing party systems that ensure only privileged people can be elected will some day be eliminated by a common understanding that democracy can be free of partisan ideologies.The fact is that China is close to a single party democracy which eliminates the sense that opposition is a necessary part of government. The people of China are less divided by party allegiances and more easily agree with community development. Most of the reasons for development are established through community consultation long before it is a government decision. The process of community involvement is ongoing and there are yearly national conferences to ensure the process is well know.Contrary to this system of social awareness the so called multiparty forms of government dwell continuously on divisive purposes and can never reach agreement. They have no institutions for common agreement. The political ideological conflict has become so big a part of social life that even law and order has become impossible to trust. The western style democracies have become so immersed in conflict that peace and security is neigh impossible, let alone the development of social needs. Such countries appear to be wealthy but the facts of lawlessness, drug addiction and poverty are hidden behind the media images of success.China is having a lot of difficulty trying to avoid drowning in these illusions but so far is having pretty good success.India on the other hand has never overcome the cast system that adds a layer of divisiveness to the system of party conflict. It is unlikely the country can agree to development plans on the scale of time and social unity required for such success.
Vivek Saxena
Why does China have a gdp of 9.24 trillion as compared to India''''s 1.87?why did China grow faster in these 20 years? More pro business government ("to be rich is glorious" ),Better economic policy 
Mayank Shetty
The main reason china developed at a much faster rate than india is because of its political background and communism.The government of china owns all the land in China. As all the land in china is owned by the chinese government the infrastructure developed rapidly over a very short span of time.During 1980s the chinese government elimated restrictions and reduced taxes on manufacturing which is the reason why china is the global leader in manufacturing whereas india has a lot of restrictions and guidelines over business and trade.Only recently 100 % FDI was allowed in india.India is slowly moving in the direction to become a manufacturing giant(obviously china is the star player) with its make in india movement and invest in india movement.China is politically immature but economically stable and improving whereas india is economically immature but politically stable.Indian economy was not allowed to florish due to government control on the indian market.That is why china has developed at a faster rate.
Srikrishna Chaitanya
i would say corruption is not main reason the real reason. why we are still poor is:lack of urbanisation.the caste” division has undermined the cohesive social fabric of India. Lower caste people have traditionally been excluded from the mainstream society governed by the so-called upper caste communities. They have historically lived isolated in the periphery of the villages and townships and subsisted doing only those tasks considered “unfit” for the other caste and still lower caste people in india are struggling to come up so before debating to ban reservation system.lack of education:we did not invest as much money on education like chinese did education is the future of india.
Sameer Bakshi
What made China develop so fast compared to India?here are many reasons. 1. The governance in China is streamlined the policies doesn''''t change with ruling party.2. Effecient use of its demographic dividend.Chinese invested in creating labour intensive jobs by providing cheap and skilled labour. It developed various programmes for skill building of labour.3. Development of rural areas by forming TVE''''s( Township and Village Enterprise).4. Giving full thrust of MSME''''s( Micro Small & medium enterprises).5.Huge investment in Infrastructure. 6. Taking the menace of corruption stringently.These steps were the 1st step which made china factory of the world. In later stages the investment in technological advancement and arms have made china a world leader.
William Hou
I cannot believe nobody has given the CORRECT answer to this question.India was dominated by foreigners for over 1000 years before it became independent in 1947: the Indians were first dominated by the Muslims for over 600 years, and then by the British for another 200 years. During the long period of foreign domination, Indians were not allowed to participate in the administration of the country.After getting independent in 1947, Indians have become all on their own. But they had never been the administrators of a country, and the country-administrating art/knowledge cannot be mastered over night. Without that kind of knowledge, the Indian government is unable to deal with many problems properly.On the contrary, China has the longest continuous history in the world. The Chinese are masters of political art. And then, in 1978, the new government of China set science & technology as the #1 Productive Force.We all know that with science & technology, the West became the world dominating power.So China, with its world best political art and the world best productive force, science & technology, has outperformed the West within only 40 years — in 2014, China took over the US to become the world #1 as for purchasing power.That’s the reason why India has been falling behind China, maybe forever.
Vikrant Shitole
1.In any sector, or an industry if you are a producer, you get to define the price point of produce, whereas if you are a trader or a distributor of that produce you can only retain a small percentage margin on the Sale price. If you are a specialized into a “Services”, then most probably you will come into picture. If you see composition of today’s Indian economy or any of the biggest Indian companies (barring the top industrial conglomerates) they fall under later two categories. Even the famed Outsourcing IT & ITES sector is essentially a Garage industry where we (Indians) do Maintenance, Repair of global product based software companies. Also in this chain, being a “INNOVATION” driven matters a lot and helps one climb up the value chain faster, As for as India goes, the INNOVATION ladder been slow, fragmented and yet to achieve full potential. Whereas in China, the process was simple, invite worlds best into your country and incentivize them to set up base in your country. Over the years, you learn from them and master the art, till you start doing it better and then directly compete with them.2. There are many answers which talk about the transition from an agrarian economy to Industrialized one and then to services led economy, one step at a time. India’s was a pseudo jump sprint from agriculture dominated one to a service based economy, skipping the manufacturing in between. Now a simple fact, manufacturing alone creates a huge volumes of low skilled jobs which maybe executed by even a less educated person, whereas a services based job especially in crucial sectors like IT/ITES, Tech of Tourism requires high skill, high knowledge of a subject and basic education. Now in a country of one billion, do the math, of course not everyone is expected to have degrees, higher education and required skillset. That’s where development of manufacturing helps. And if you need a strong manufacturing base in your country, Infrastructure automatically becomes a high priority as you need to ship the goods produced faster, safely, effectively, and at low costs..3. Investments : Countries like US and Japan should take a huge credit in development of robust Financial systems in China. Their companies were pioneers in opening up Chinese economy with huge influx of capital and helping China transition from a closed economy to a free market economy. Their early invested dollars helped Chinese Govt set up manufacturing facilities and improve the country’s infrastructure in process creating Jobs and initiating an economic turnaround. In return Chinese govt promised foreign investors huge local Chinese market, abundant cheap labour, and Tax sops, Tax benefits with SEZ’s. and suddenly it made an economic sense to manufacture goods in China.since 1980’s has never looked back, almost everything right from Toys, Shaving kits, electronics, high end tech all had “Made in China” label. It made China, World’s manufacturer. This directly means “Made in China” goods exported world wide. Automatically helping an agriculture based Chinese economy to transition into Export oriented manufacturing. As of today, China is worlds no.1 exporter, in other language, they have largest deposits of foreign currency in the world. So they not only control rates for major currencies in the world, but since so many major countries like EU, Australia, Canada, US, UK are dependent on China for trade, they almost control economies of the dependent countries, which gives China a huge economic clout..eg. even for an economic rival India, China is the biggest trading partner, with Balance of Trade heavily favoring China. This is where I feel India lost heavily.
Billi Bob
China has developed faster then india because there’s equal number of men and women working there. One would be amazed to see that the ratio in which you find men and women working there would be shocking for someone from india.We see women even making night shifts and walking streets freely going and coming back from ….on the contrary while out of home we have not even given women basic sense of security here.on the other hand unfortunately here we have totally domesticated(controlled ) women in such a way that 50% of our population is sitting at home doing nothing (almost hostage like situation).we can never catchup with them on development until 50% of our working assets(women) arguably more talented then men are not working….this considering our huge population from small town to even smaller town where women are still treated as belongings of a man and considering our socio-economic situation is highly unlikely to improve for atleast 35–50 years.
Quora User
I have seen many answers in economic aspects, and many of them menrioned the infrastructure. I am here trying to look into the quetion in geological and historical point of view.in geology, China is composed by many blocks, and the interaction with those block create mountains, faults and earthQuakes. Two main rivers crossing China from west to east, but they are very unstable with a lot of channel changing, created many floods and killed many people in the history.So comparatively India actually have better geological environment for industry than China. But if you look into details and history. The geological environment in China has been intensively optimized!!China has a history of united empire for many thousand of years. in order to get the emperor assigned officers, in place as soon as possible, Chinese has been building roads for many thousands of years, and damaging of those roads are considered to be rebellion. True it is difficult to build road in mountains, but if you have a existing roads for many centuries, it is much easier and safer.For rivers, the Chinese civilization starts with hydraulic construction. For over 4000 years of hydraulic construction, the monster of rivers were tamed and provide great economic values.Actually, construction in China is simpler than you think, you just need do modern modification on the existing ones, you do not have to build it from the wild, you do not need to worry about it would be destroyed by geological hazards, because it stands there for many centuries already. The same with bridge designs, you just need to look into the local history records and you find the perfect model.Sadly, though as long history as China have, India do not have long history as united empire, constructions are destroyed, cities are ruined and records are losing. There is not much you can learn from the past, so you need to build a nation from all the beginning.