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Mitrooon NACHOOOO Showkat Aziz Aziz Indian made products are costly than the Chinese, how indians can buy, when their
inalcord has been by tax terrorism of The Modi govt
aradharajan Balasubramanian patriotism is completely absent on our side. When our democracy functions for selfish imp
vement not allowing the poor to develop how our country can avoid depending on a bigger economically developed nation lik
China? For even road developing we import machineries from China. A contractor once told me in Bangalore the amount of c
orruption and bribe paid to officials in Government is sufficient manufacture a road making machine in India. This will co
tinue so long we are not able to give up our attitude what I do for myself should be the priority.
resh s We must learn from Japan where Japanese buy mostly Japanese products to help their economy, even though the qu
ity was not very well, immediately after 2nd world war. It is their determination to be self reliant and also rule the w
rld markets, for electronics, proved right. Our people should shun Chinese products and only then we can help our industr
y Cant understand why Colgate Palmolive manufactures tooth brush in China and imports into India, when we have sources
Avoid such products. Look for manufacturing address
Deviprasad Nayak Infrastructure development in China is totally depends on Economics and not politics like in India. IT
ity bengaluru is creating highest jobs in the country is facing too much traffic problem but PM Modi is not approving Met
ro to IT corridor. He approved Metro to g cities in UP. Chaiwalas, dudwalas, paanwalas are more important than IT professional
for Modi he did not give approval for any Metro line to Bengaluru since 2014. Karnata ka has highest per capita income but
in case of infrastructure the state stand at the bottom, state has lowest highways, Rail network. Poor state Rajasthan has
14,000 km National Highway but Karnataka has only 6, 700 km Highway. As per the Ministry information 6 200 km Highway w.
nstructed in Rajasthan and it was 1600 km in Karnataka in past 4 years. There are two highways in between Chennai to Salam
d Chennai to Bengaluru, third highway is under construction in both this section, why not they develop second highway be
ween Bengaluru to Mum bai or Hyderabad or Mysore, all politics and not economics
Anil Majmudar You should know by know that BJP is a self-centred party that puts Party before country.
)s China is 100 steps ahead of us. China bullies us comfortably and they know how to open and close the tap aga
They got additional goo sq kms and they are now our biggest trade partners - Indians have lost their patriotism toward
20 Galw
rs. Bottom line we have LOST in a much bigger way this time
Yash Pal Just abolish/ do away with under the table conduit. All development and manufacturing will fall in place
Mrzeng Defeat enemies stronger than you. First understand it, learn it, and not run wild like a brat.
(uldip Sing we must not become histerical but follow rational route comercial dispute will not benefit India we must no
forget economic state of the country is facing very ruff waters
Am Pm FEKU is lot of gas but good for nothing. The same bhakts who were calling for boycotting Chinese, will find some
nnovative way to support FEKU Rs 2.00 means a lot to them
Karan Patel china cant be ignore, they are already made themselves great supplier of goods to all over the world. they
are competing and outplaying US in all sector. recently they surpassed US as the biggest trading partner of EU. They actu
ally supplies us cheap and good stuffs they can t be neglected. it's better to be friendly and learn something from them
As far as india and indians are concerned, we can never catch them unless something extraordinary changes happens. jai h
Lakshmi Karthik Bandi Fact for EXPERTS, before they blame the GOVT: CHINA(PRC)and the Republic of CHINA (Taiwan)
over $5oB of trade BW them,,, Market economics are IMMUNE to STATEGIC relations, they are market DRIVEN, YES ATM
HAR is a WAY to consolidate dependence, results with come in increments and our IND USTRY will have ORGANICALLY
ooReplyFlag What Taiwan exports to China eventually becomes consumer goods and appears in the Indian market
M Sitaram China are making other countries dependent on them and this advantage they are fully exploiting