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Basumabad Nahamaachi
Agreed, though a lot of US gear is nearing the end of its service life and replacing/overhauling it will soak up funds. One area where the US (and to some extent, Russia) have a huge lead over China is real-world combat experience. China’s last combat experience was more than a generation ago and it went balls-up. While the US and Russia have the luxury of modifying their modus operandi based on their experience in Iraq Syria Ukraine etc, China’s doctrine is almost entirely rooted in theory.
Chris Chen
Basumabad Nahamaachi
True. China doesn’t seem very interested in fighting military battles. This is why I don’t think they want to be the #1 superpower, at lease not with their present mindset. It’s not worth it for them.
Vivian Priest
Does China need as much R&D? They have great skills at acquiring others’ tech.
Eddie Guo
Like stealing 5G from US which makes US so worried?
David Abraham
I wish and I want that happen. For decades, this is what America(not Americans, but American govt. and media, and a subset of public) has been doing.
Aurele Raphael (Аурел Рафаэль), Keen Geopolitics observer
China will never become the No.1 world superpower for a few reasons:
Aging demographics, China’s demographics are soon to be on par with the worst in the world like Japan and South Korea. This is very bad news for an emerging power with a manufacturing based economy and little to no social security and services net.
(China’s terrible demographic structure)
2. Rising labor costs and a slowing economy. After decades long availability of very cheap Capital was available and countries with very cheap and large work forces intertwined, there were a series of booms (The BRICS boom, The India boom and the biggest being the China boom) unfortunately China no longer is cost competitive when it comes to manufacturing with more and more people moving into the middle class.
(Rising waves in China equals rising costs)
3. a massive debt crisis. China has the worlds largest portfolio of non and underperforming loans meaning that in a race for unsustainable and massive growth, China and Chinese companies have MASSIVELY over extended themselves.
1. 人口老龄化。中国的人口结构很快就会与日本和韩国等世界上最糟糕的国家持平。对于一个以制造业为基础经济、几乎没有社会保障和服务网络的新兴大国来说,这是一个极糟糕的事情。(中国糟糕的人口结构)
2. 大量的劳动力和较低的劳动力成本,导致了金砖国家繁荣,印度繁荣和最大的中国繁荣。可是现在的中国在制造成本上已经没有竞争力,因为越来越多人成为了中产阶级。(日益高涨的浪潮等于成本的上升)
3. 严重的债务危机。 中国拥有世界上规模最大的不良贷款组合,这意味着在一场不可持续的大规模增长竞赛中,中国和中国企业已经过度扩张。
Mariam Lanah
There is no such things as China will never become superpower or no.1.Did you know that US ,UK will become superpower ?No one can predict the future .Hard work is the key to success .
不会发生这样的事情,因为中国永远不会成为超级大国或者世界第一大国。 你知道美国 英国将会成为超级大国吗?没有人可以预测将来,唯有努力是成功之钥。
Richard Kenneth Eng, former Project Team Leader at ATI Technologies (1993-2000)
First of all, you can’t paint an entire ethnic group or country with such a broad brush. Everywhere in the world, you will find people who are arrogant and humble, hateful and loving, violent and peaceful, close-minded and open-minded.
Are some Chinese arrogant? You bet. But the truth is, most Chinese do not have that kind of mindset.
That doesn’t mean, however, that the Chinese are blind to America’s weaknesses. They see how dysfunctional the American political system has become. They see the epidemic of gun violence and mass shootings that plague America. They see the systemic racism. They see the chaotic handling of COVID-19. And they just shake their heads.
某些中国人很自大傲慢吗?那是肯定的。 但事实是,大多数的中国人都没有自大的心态。
David Donnelly, Freelancer
I think you mean ‘When’.
I would say that the Chinese don’t put much thought in when it comes to regarding the Americans at all.
American public relations thrives on the fallacy that America is the greatest place in the world, which in turn conditions people to believe that everyone else is inferior.
The rest of the world doesn’t think like that, however many cultures do see misguided arrogance as a weakness, and not a strength. I guess it all depends on your definition of ‘‘inferior’.
大卫唐纳利 自由职业者
Steven Lee
Besides compassion, humility is one of the moral requirement from a Chinese individual. the Chinese has never display any signs of being superior (at least outwardly) and this is evident in their help and assistance to some very poor African countries and also countries like Pakistan and Nepal etc. i guess this is not in their interest to view anyone as inferior as the Chinese have the propensity to learn something from everyone. of course there are exceptions, individually or as a group that display such characteristic but are usually frown upon by the Chinese society at large.
Osmond Ng, lives in China (2014-present)
Most of the Chinese will not, a minority of the Chinese will.
The ratio of Chinese that view Americans as inferior will not be more than the current white supremacists.
Mary Clayton, lived in PNW
They always have
Wes Frank, Masters in American History from Northwestern University
I’m pretty sure they already do. So, no great difference.
Deni Defaux, Author at Independent
China will be #1 world superpower in a very near future but I don’t think they will see people as superior or inferior that is the mentality of Western Europeans and North Americans the Chinese will see Americans as weak and they see America as dying empire.