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在中国和其他14个亚太国家之间签定了 RCEP 贸易协议,有人认为美国是这协议中的最大输家,下面是网友的讨论:
It’s not. This is silly.
Are the US and China the big losers because they are not in the huge EU common market? No. They don’t live in Europe.
Is China the big loser because she’s not in the USMCA (United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement)? No. China doesn’t live in North America.
Are the US, EU, and China the big losers in Mercosur? No, they don’t live in Latin America.
美国、欧盟和中国是南方共同市场的大输家吗? 不是,他们不生活在拉丁美洲。
Are the US, EU, and China the big loser in AfCFTA (African Continental Free Trade Area )? No, they don’t live in Africa.
Joseph Boyle
The US is a Pacific country.
RCEP currently includes only part of Asia.
RCEP协议 目前只包括部分亚洲国家/地区。
Shanghai is closer to Seattle than to Auckland.
Mercosur is South America not Latin America and excludes the largest Latin American country.
For NZ it is definitely proximity than size. While AU is a top 15 economy NZ is just one seventh of AU.
Only time will tell if they can achieve the desired goals once of which is to catch up with much of the losses caused by COVID.
Jacob Peng
Also just to add the RCEP region is essentially a greater east Asian bloc. Mahathir has been talking about it since the 90s but without any non-East Asian state (North-East Asia + South East Asia). Heck, even the Japanese have been wanting to do this (East Asian co-prosperity sphere). Fundamentally a greater east Asian block (Asian + Pacific) was going to come about.
另外,RCEP协定实质上是一个更大的东亚集团。自上世纪90年代以来,马哈蒂尔一直在谈论这个话题(建立贸易区),但没有提到任何非东亚国家(东北亚 + 东南亚)。见鬼,甚至日本人也一直想这么做(东亚共荣圈)。从根本上来说,一个更大的东亚区块(亚太地区)即将出现。
Beng Lee
Yeap. North East Asia plus South East Asia equal East Asia.
Kevin Max
And what does the west coast has to sell besides the already penetrating IT service around the world?
除了已经渗透到世界各地的 IT 服务,西海岸(印度)还有什么可以卖的呢?
Julius Wulf
They are basically IP rentiers, this trade agreement is essentially useless to them.
Sonal Kumar
Maybe you forgot about the strategic implications it would have
Moreover, china will have an alternative market and much better grip over the region.
It will have lasting effects in strategy, diplomacy, world order, economy and supremacy
Pete Okuhira
I hope and pray that India will join the RCEP and the Belt and Road Initiative for the sake of its own people's well being and for the win-win cooperations with other Asian countries. I also hope and pray that India will strengthens its economic, social, political, and academic ties with China and deepening its relationship further with China.
我希望并祈祷印度为了本国人民的福祉和与其他亚洲国家的双赢合作,加入 RCEP 和一带一路倡议。我也希望并祈祷印度能加强与中国的经济、社会、政治和学术联系,并进一步深化与中国的关系。
Pete Okuhir
Absolutely, India must reconcile with China and mend ties with China.
Steve Chia
self-interest politicians in India would beg to differ, national pride would go down the drain, if India is to join the Chinese initiated project of BRI
Mukesh Reddy
Unless an economic crisis happens like in 1991 when Indian government has no money left to import even 1 month of essential supplies, then it opened up economy and dismantled most of protectionism.
It's unlikely india joining either BRI nor RCEP, I know this because I'm an Indian and have seen the dirty games these politicians play everyday
印度不太可能加入 BRI 或 RCEP,我知道这一点,因为我是一个印度人,看到这些政客每天都在玩一些肮脏游戏
Feelix Wee
In Malaysia where I'm from, 8% of the population are Indians. Their ancestors came mostly from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Punjab. I don't have many Indian friends during school, but in the workplace, I have befriended many. Indians here aren't prideful and they are a very realistic lot. So I don't understand why the Indian government thinks it is more beneficial to join America in the so called Quad alliance against China. What's the benefit there? Is America, Australia and Japan going to fully open up their markets to Indian exports? Or massively invest in India in order to uplift the lives of hundreds of millions of Indians? Or stop the (America) tacit cooperation with Pakistan? I'm not going to say that China where my ancestors hail from is totally benevolent, but largely the only thorn your govt have with China is over the Aksai Chin glacier. China has not cut off the Siliguri corridor, neither did they make any overt threatening move against India. The BRI and RCEP would have massively benefited India yet your government prefers to suck up to a America a White Power. Haven't your govt had enough of White Powers stomping over your country?
在我所在的马来西亚,8% 的人口是印度人。他们的先辈大多来自泰米尔纳德邦、喀拉拉邦和旁遮普邦。我在学校没有很多印度朋友,但在工作场所,我和很多印度人都成了朋友。这里的印度人并不骄傲,他们是非常现实的一群人。所以我不明白为什么印度政府认为加入美国所谓的四方联盟对抗中国会更有利。这有什么好处?美国、澳大利亚和日本是否会对印度的出口产品全面开放市场?还是会为了提升数亿印度人的生活而在印度大规模投资?还是阻止(美国)与巴基斯坦的默契合作?我并不是说中国是完全仁慈的,但是你们政府与中国之间唯一的恩怨就是阿克塞钦冰川。中国没有切断与印度的西里古里走廊联系,也没有对印度做出任何明显的威胁。BRI 和 RCEP 本可以让印度大大受益,但你们的政府却更愿意迎合一个美国白人势力。难道你们的政府还没有受够白人势力对你们国家的践踏吗?
Vishwak Subramaniam
What do you think about India. Especially since India has refused to join RCEP whereas Japan and Australia inspite of being Quad members and all the anti-China rhetoric, have more or less joined.
你觉得印度怎么样。特别是自从印度拒绝加入 RCEP后,而日本和澳大利亚尽管是四方集团成员和发表了那些反华言论,但他们都选择加入了 RCEP。
I think the biggest mistake of modi's government is to turn to the United States and choose to confront China in order to show its loyalty to the United States. The United States will never care whether the Indian's life will be improved. The only concern of the United States is to maintain its hegemony. In terms of long-term interests, India will surpass the United States and become the second or the first in the world. If the United States United with China against India at that time, I don't know what Indians would think at that time. (India gains short-term benefits at the expense of long-term interests, perhaps because of modi's political
Alex Chow
Ha, Indians are very confident. India has declared that India will be a superpower in 2020. We should be tolerant of India, at least to make them feel hopeful.
Yes, novel coronavirus pneumonia is also a problem in India. From these days, the cow dung war to cow urine treatment of new crown pneumonia, and cow dung chips, and the smell of Ganges RIver water treatment and so on, we can see that India still lives in a state of ignorance. There is still a long way to go before the real superpower. Even so, we should let the Indians see that the hope is tomorrow, and let them have a good attitude and not attack China every day.
Nailah Gull Khan
RCEP: Asia-Pacific nations sign world’s biggest trade pact
Alex Chow
It is praiseworthy that 15 countries choose to do business friendly and improve people's lives instead of imposing sanctions everywhere like the United States. The United States is to maintain its hegemony and make the world worse, like an evil witch.
Long Yu
US is not the loser here…it is just not in the deal…
美国在这里不是失败者... 它只是不在交易中..。
But US may be considered a loser by a lot of Asian US allies…due to the timing of the deal…
As soon as Biden won and vows to pick TPP up…they passed RCEP…Japan, Korea and ASEAN countries…they are supposed to help US contain China not the other way around…
当拜登赢得选举并发誓重新签署跨太平洋伙伴关系协定时,美国在亚洲的盟友却签署了RCEP... 日本、韩国和东盟国家... 他们应该帮助美国遏制中国,而不是反过来..。
If Trump won…it make sense for RCEP because a Trumpian world does not need trade at all…but Biden won…RCEP makes TPP pale…and the only way to make TPP worth anything is to stop RCEP…
如果特朗普赢了... ... 签署RCEP 来说是有意义的,因为特朗普的世界根本不需要贸易... ... 但是这次是拜登赢了... ... RCEP 让 TPP 黯然失色... ... 让 TPP 有价值的唯一方法就是阻止RCEP的签署... ..。
Dale Raymond Smith
TPP was replaced by CPTPP soon after Trump pulled the USA out. Some of the major signatories in CPTPP are also signed up to RCEP.
在特朗普退出跨太平洋伙伴关系协定(TPP),TPP 就被全面与进步跨太平洋伙伴关系协定(CPTPP) 取代。CPTPP 的一些主要签署国也签署了 RCEP。
Please stop talking about TPP because it is dead and buried.
请不要再谈论 TPP 了,因为它已经过时了。
Much of the world will miss Donald Trump and his single-handed destruction of USA hegemony.
世界上很多人都会怀念唐纳德 · 特朗普和他对美国霸权的单手摧毁。
Dale Raymond Smith
Um no. Japan is in CPTPP and the tariff free trade in agricultural products from the other members is already beginning to operate
嗯,没有。日本加入了 CPTPP,其他成员国的农产品免关税贸易已经开始运作
Edward Lovagrend
Well it's mostly about influence and being able to have leverage over other countries.. now China has some leverage, more than before. It's less about the economic development in the US and more about the great game (reference to the compitition between the British and Russian Empires during the 19th century).
Yes the US would have benefited by signing the TPP back before Trump. It would have increased multilateralism and strengthened the bonds between the participants. It would have been one of the best tools to peacefully counter China as well. But let me say this, the US can still make individual trade deals with any country it wants, it is not exactly limited by not being part of RCEP. This is more China's gain than the US's loss in my opinion.
是的,如果在特朗普之前签署 TPP,美国会受益。这将加强多边主义,并加强参与者之间的联系。这也是和平对抗中国的最佳手段之一。但是我要说的是,美国仍然可以与任何它想要的国家签订单独的贸易协定,这并不完全受限于不是 RCEP 的一部分。在我看来,这更多的是中国的收获,而不是美国的损失。
Chang Pak Seng
When the policy is “America First”, there is no way that the US can lose on any trade deal. Getting into any trade deal means thinking of other parties as well.
如果美国的政策是“美国优先” ,那么美国在任何贸易协议上都不可能失败。参与任何贸易协定也意味着考虑其他各方的利益。
No trade deal means it is “America First” all the way.
In any case, one cannot lose what one never had in the first place.
Yonghua Lin
Trump signaled his distaste for trade blocks by pulling out of the TTP. To him any individual country that run a big trade surplus with the US must be cheating - calling for arm twisting measure like tariffs and sanctions - his simplistic solution to make America and himself great.
特朗普退出 TTP 表明了他对贸易壁垒的厌恶。对他而言,任何一个对美国拥有巨额贸易顺差的国家,都一定是在作弊——他呼吁采取关税和制裁等施压措施——他过于简单化的解决方案是为了让美国和他自己变得更强大。
Thomas Choi
Considered as big loser only because that's US bad intention wanted to suppress China's growth.