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As former US assistant secretary of state Nisha Biswal has pointed out, India needs to provide more incentives to US comp
ies such as tax exemptions, ease of doing business, sta bilizing the currency, and expanding consumer demand by rapid eco
mic growth to become a global manufacturing hub. Without such incentives, US companies won t come to India as Modi clai
ned in the intervier
ow can a country still having a caste system, and then laugh at China for not having freedom is beyond me.
t was always an insane pipe dream. India s elites and media are absolutely bonkers, totally removed from reality
The country lacks basic infrastructure needs like water, electricity and roads
ow tf are they going to compete with China?
Money_ dra
n addition, Chinas set the benchmark for development- now Indians expect to hit or exceed the development trajectory t
lat China had
But with that high expectation will come a lot of public dissatisfaction and anger as they fail to keep up with that high
benchmark Which is partly why populism is rising -both to harness this anger as well as distract the electorate from ec
there not one single Marxisty in the entire Indian government?
Not one person who can explain WHY it's only real socialist countries that can do this shit, and not capitalist countries
It's not complex Socialist states, esp those lead by communists, can take the surplus value, and plough it back into dev
loping the country
n capitalist countries, the rich run off with all of that.
Here endeth the lesson
le upper middle class guy told me here that there's no poverty, because he just doesnt see poor people anymore. This
as at a time when a report came out showing how 200 million people don' t even have two square meals a day in India.
The price of a kilo of rice onions tomatoes potatoes and what have you exceed the incredibly low poverty line which, mind
you, 200-300 million people are below. Working class people have been voting for right wing populists because at least th
ey acknowledge the problems(and attribute it to Muslims /immigrants/China) and white collar folks are just in denial. aga
n, someone told me that any one I ask around me will rather have a system that allows them to vote for someone than have
iving wages. Other white collar people have finance-bro dreams and talk about a new India filled with entrepreneurial
If you talk of learning from China you are an anti-national
ncidentally, we were supposed to become a superpower this yea
Anyone who thought that India could easily replace China as a manufacturing powerhouse does not know anything about man
n fact, ask them why they think India is well-positioned to become a manufacturing powerhouse. I haven t heard anyone gi
re a reason other than "India s poor so wages are low" and"theres over a billion of them. Some of the more deluded ones
say India's a democracy so businesses trust the country more
People are so naive and delusional that they actually believe that capitalists care a bout what type of government theyre
doing business with. They couldn t conceiva bly give a fuck. They want nothing but profits and China realized that early(
n and played the foreign capitalists to Chinas own adv
tage and used the capitalists' own irrational system against them
Plus it's highly debata ble that India is even a democracy anyway.
One big problem with India is that after adopting neoliberalism in the 199Os, India made no effort no control its rapidly
growing population and now this ever increasing population is putting a lot of strain on Indias resources that are shrin
ing fast due to corruption, resource depletion, climate change and population growth.
so what were the characteristics or whatever that allowed for china to become the manufacturing hub of the world? genuine
question btw
ndia needs a proper revolution if it wants a shot at being the next big thing but the populace is incredi bly submissive
to the government despite its constant failings. We can only hope India s indigenous communists will one day succeed in t
eir vision to reshape the country
ndians have always been submissive and this is why foreign invaders from the Indo-Aryans to the British were able to sub
jugate India without much difficulty.
Moreover, Indians are deeply divided on the basis of cast, religion and ethnicity and this makes Communist revolution qui
Flavius Aet
es, potential and that alone. Potential that is squandered by a corrupt, incompetent Western-style liberal" democracy"a
nd will continue to be
ndered by said
ndia is anything but liberal. India has a ultra right wing conservative govt
Toronto blit
eah, all that b s hinges on the so called"POTENTIAL and that' s what Nazi Modi has been peddling to his people and mos
of them buy what he sells. Indians are very capable people; have great software engineers etc. but man they are still ki
nd of backwards in a lot of ways
After AI and robots take over jobs, their only advantage of huge population will be nothing but burdens
lavius Aet
p, and than kfully China realized that and planned far ahead to make sure they were at the forefront of that so they cou
Id escape the middle income trap before the"developedeconomies started automating en masse and leaving the developing n
tions to starve and rot in poverty
hey are relying on it.
They have a huge baby boom aging population
And in true Chinese style, are turning it to their advantage.
Aging population? Best automate the shit out of everything, to free up folks to help the elderly. What are we gonna do a
bout the elderly? Who do you think all this is FOR?
Supply chain, logistics and economies of scale. Plus, who the hell wants to invest billions to build the infrastructure a
d may never see profits because china can still produce it cheaper Companies exist to make profits, and its hard to make
profits if your competitor is buying Chinese parts and undercutting you
a socialist country, many infrastructure in China actually don t make much profit but it's beneficial for all bus
nesses. I doubt Indian government would be able to deliver the same public goods as China does
hey might be able to pull it off, if they were not literally right next door to China.
In coming angry Indian netizens shouting China totalitarian or Xinjiang Tibet or whatever China bad
those that leave were always going to go to vietnam not india. modi has ran a shit economy for most of his time in office
despite the fact india is very poor. his only policy is hindu nationalism and picking fights with neighboring countries t
o appear strong
dont know about this. The capitalists exported capital to China because of the large supply of low wage labor. Thosew
ges are rising and this is incompatible with capitalist profits. They are either going to have to sabotage China's social
ist construction to bring wages back down, or they are going to have to go on a new conquest of cheap labor mar kets. The d
ifficulty in relocating their production to India is the relatively large investments that would have to be made in India
national infrastructure, as well the general overhead undertaking such a large move such as relocating capital and expor
ing all new capital to jumpstart operations in India. But if the low wages of China are drying up, and the rest of the w
Id is making anti-imperialist alliances with China and each other, eventually that pressure is going to reach a breaking
point and the capitalists are going to be forced to eat those costs and relocate to India. Either that or start wwIll, whi
ch are costs they seem much more willing to eat
Magos Galactose
As I've said a few years ago in this subreddit(probably), unskilled work
ot unskilled and chinese workers have b
th the skill and supporting infrastructure to work effectively, something that India hardly have compare to China.
It makes one wonder why the west chose China to become the world's factory once they brought them into wto in 200
India entered the wto in 1995, but was largely left behind in all that growth
or being an English speaking democratic country, should ve been right up their alley