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China Breathes first breath of fresh air, this is Great day.
People all over the world watched with horror at how the Chinese were fighting with Covid-19. To the point where they wasted so much time to prepare themselves. So now the blame China, a convenient excuse by the politicians to hide their stupidity
(之前)全世界的人都惊恐地看着中国人如何与Covid-19号战斗。以至于他们浪费了那么多让自己充分做好准备的时间。 所以现在指责中国,是政客们掩饰自己愚蠢的一个很方便的借口。
tuks kano
VKS Nah, people were unconcerned when it was happening in China, perhaps maybe even thought they deserved it and were secretly glad. They thought it won''t spread all over the world and happen to them so they did no preparations. But yeah, I agree that when the virus hit them, now they''re on a tear on blaming and demonizing China.
当它发生在中国时,人们都漠不关心,也许甚至有些人为此暗暗高兴。 他们认为病毒不会传遍世界,并发生在他们身上,所以他们没有准备。但是,我同意,当病毒现在袭击他们时,他们正在做的是谴责和妖魔化中国。
y gs
Never mind, that’s why we build hydrogen bombs and ICBM for. China can build everything fast, including nukes.
没关系,这就是为什么我们要制造氢弹和洲际弹道导弹。 中国可以快速建造一切,包括核武器。
Keith Borjes
y gs ..So now we’re at this mentality? You do understand there are no winners in a nuclear exchange? Stop with the theatrics and start rebuilding bridges. The world doesn’t bow to the Chinese. We are just suffering from something you guys developed and it’s casualties are our families.
所以现在我们处于这种心态? 你知道在核战争中没有赢家吗? 停止你死我活的冲突,开始重建沟通的桥梁。 世界不会向中国卑躬屈膝。...译注:还有一句没译
Kenny Ng
@Keith Borjes Please go to George Webb''s YouTube channel. He and his team are investigating into the origin of CORVID-19. They have found out who was the first victim of coronavirus. And this person is not a Chinese. So, don''t keep pointing the finger at China. BTW, George Webb is an American.
请到乔治·韦伯的油管频道。 他和他的团队正在调查CORVID-19的起源。他们已经知道谁是冠状病毒的第一个受害者。这个人不是中国人。 所以,不要一直指着中国。 顺便说一句,乔治·韦伯是个美国人。
Roger Faint
@Joyal kurian 100% of western news/reports about China are lies and fabrication. The whole world already knows about it and laughing at the futile effort of USA and the cronies for fabricating so many lies. There is no longer any credibility left for these western nations.
西方关于中国的新闻/报道100%是谎言和捏造的。 全世界都知道这一点,并嘲笑美国和其亲信为编造这么多谎言所作的徒劳的努力。 这些西方国家已不再有任何信誉可言。
Sebastian K
Byebye USA.
Moonisah Ali
It''s because of WHO... organization doesn''t warned other side of the world
zHizU C.
Anti-China trolls: they''re all paid actors.
(注:Troll/巨魔 作动词是钓鱼的意思,指那些人发表某种言论后等待别人的攻击性回复,从而获得快感。)
P. J.
You''re a PLA troll... YouTube is not Chinese territory...
B. Wilson
@P. J. Yes youtube is not chinese territory. And this will never be anyone''s territory. U just mention somthing we already know.
Chalie gamer
hater gonna hate. Get up China and help Asian and Asean Country first.
The west doesn''t like this.
Heather Larson
In January, many western media outlets enjoyed the suffering of China, saying that it was going to be the end of communism. But now the west themselves are likely facing the collapse of their own civilization. The table has really turned.
今年1月,许多西方媒体对中国的苦难幸灾乐祸,觉得中国药丸了。 但现在,西方国家自己也可能面临自己文明的崩溃。 时代变了。
@Heather Larson well deserved.
Cube Root
Eric, there are many shitheads in the ''west''. Many. Actually, too many. Frustrating. Very frustrating. And we will always have them. Have to live with people who don''t want to see the sun shine on other people. Arrogant people. Stupid people. Fearful people. Ignorant people.
But there are many people who differ from them. Many. Don''t make a mistake to generalize.
埃里克,“西方”有很多混蛋。 很多。 实际上,太多了。 这令人沮丧。 非常令人沮丧。 我们将永远拥有它们。 必须和那些不想看到太阳照耀其他人的人住在一起。那些傲慢的人。。愚蠢的人。 害怕的人。 无知的人。
但有许多人与他们不同。 很多。 不要错误地一概而论。
Not the ''west'' but the US. Use the correct term. Isolate the empire. Contain it like a virus.
不是西方”而是美国。 请使用正确的术语。 孤立帝国。 就像病毒一样。
OMG...another good news that makes Anti-Chinese shills, CIA agents and Coronavirus very angry!
india super power 2020 is the next world leader , america is failing and china dreams of being a super power.
@tyjghjghhh can I laugh ?
Gyalchhen Moktan
@tyjghjghhh Haha.. Even your southasian neighbors country don''t think u as a leader, how do you think of world??
哈哈.. 即使你的南亚邻国也不认为你是一个领导者,你觉得世界会怎么看? ?
Paul Lim from Singapore
Sooo delighted for China citizens...praise God for His mercy and grace...Hallelujah
Michael Hou
This has nothing to do with god. It''s joint effort of people ant the authority.
这与上帝无关。 这是人们与政府共同努力的结果。
@Michael Hou be an atheist but do NOT denounce our belief. If you are a CIVILISED being, pls show some RESPECT.
可以做一个无神论者,但不要谴责我们的信仰。 如果你是一个文明人,请表现出一些尊重。
AnythingAnywhereFindhere !!
Now.. everyone should stop using the Chinese products...it will payback for China....and every country should raised tax to 200% on product exporting from China.....
Alan Goh
AnythingAnywhereFindhere !! Simple just tell Trump & his bunch KKK not to buy anything from China period. For yourself, make sure you don’t have anything made in China.
简单,告诉特朗普和他的三K党这段时间不要从中国购买任何东西。 为了你自己,确保你没有任何中国制造的东西。
Lim Bill
Sadly chinese don''t believe in the existence of God, and the believers around the world cannot be saved by their prayers.
Jack Lee
64 thumbs down deeply jealous of China''s quality of life.
Eric Hughes
Go move to PRC then
aditya ramesh
We are not jealous...we want to revenge...
Asiama Pachuau
@aditya ramesh stop trolling toidian
some people might not have realized (thanks to western fake news), that the outbreak was limited to Hubei province, Only 4 other provinces exceeded the 1000 total cases. Guangdong being the worst hit after Hubei with only 1400 cases. This shows the effectiveness of China''s containment effort.
This is why other provinces sent a total of 30,000 nurses and doctors to Hubei. Even though the situation was never serious in other parts of China, they still went into lock downs, and social distancing.
The Chinese government shut down the entire country, putting people''s lives above the economy, while the so called democracies are more worried about stock markets and reelections.
有些人可能没有意识到(多亏了西方的假消息),中国的疫情仅限于湖北省,其他省份只有4个超过了1000例。 广东是排在湖北之后受打击最严重的省份但也只有1400例。 这表明了中国遏制努力的有效性。
这就是为什么其他省份总共派出了3万名护士和医生到湖北。 尽管中国其他地区的情况从来都不是非常严重,但他们依然进行了封城,保持社交距离。
Advocate of Free Open World
Absolutely amazing to see China leaping back to life. People are again enjoying their life to the fullest. This is the kind of uplifting and happy news that give hope to the world. Keep going China
看到中国正常生活的回归真是太棒了。人们再次尽情享受他们的生活。这是一种令人振奋和快乐的消息,给世界带来希望。 中国继续努力❤
Mike Liu
china haters around world are choked and stoked!!
Congratulations to China..
Whereas the rest of the world are still in chaos
Yes congratulations to China. Our time will come too. Stay strong. Wish departed ones are still with us.
My heart goes out to their families.
Sandy Lewis
Wow a lot of haters exist here. Please wake up and open your eyes and accept the reality. Haters said: I closed my eyes and pretended I was asleep because I was so jealous for what China did an excellent job
哇,这里有很多黑子。 请醒来,睁开眼睛,接受现实。黑子们说:“我闭上眼睛假装睡着了,因为我嫉妒中国做的出色工作
Florence Gangte
Great to see China recovering. Well deserve respite after a job well done. Keep it up!
很高兴看到中国复苏。 这是优秀工作之后理应获得的结果。 坚持住!
保持 稳定和安全,中国。
Lotes B
WAN CHENG OOI people are still wearing masks, that’s good
Crypto Man
The west should be wearing mask at this moment, it will prevent virus spreading from droplets when people talk or sneeze.
Yes, it baffles me that only a few people wear masks, even in airports or on planes
@Warlock12347 NEWS FLASH!! Most masks DO NOT stop the particles from passing through. All those cheap masks you''re all buying from box stores and online aren''t working. The COVID-19 particles are to small to be filtered out. I''m a healthcare worker and we''ve been using N95 Respirators which aren''t cheap and are now hard to get.
看看新闻!! 大多数口罩无法阻止病毒粒子通过。 你从小卖部买的和网上买的那些廉价口罩都没用。 COVID-19病毒颗粒非常小难以被过滤。我是一名医疗工作者,我们一直在使用N95呼吸器,这不便宜,现在也很难得到。
tuks kano
@Mine You''re a healthworker so you need that N95 and other PPE for your protection from being in close contacts with infecteds. YOU need every little percentage of chance against being infected and the masks, even if they''re not a 100% solution will help. The masks for the private citizen even if not N95 will serve as a barrier from direct hits of droplets from coughs or sneezes of somebody near you. If a man wearing a mask cough directly infront of you who was wearing a mask too, right there and then, you had 2 barriers preventing the cough from directly making contact with your nose and mouth. I''d take that option anytime against receiving the full brunt of the cough or sneeze without going through the masks.
你是一个医疗工作者,所以你需要N95和其他装备来保护你不与感染者密切接触。你需要最好的口罩来降低你被感染的机会,即使它们不是100%的解决方案,但也将有所帮助。 即使不是N95,私人公民的口罩也会成为一个屏障,防止你附近的人咳嗽或打喷嚏时的水滴直接接触到你。如果一个戴着口罩的人直接在你面前咳嗽,而你也戴着面具,那么,你就有两个防止咳嗽喷液直接接触到你的鼻子和嘴的屏障。 我随时都会戴着口罩,使自己不接受咳嗽或打喷嚏的全部冲击,而不是不戴口罩。
Al 72
US government is spreading disinformation that masks don''t work.
They want more people to get sick, so hospitals can charge more people for medical care.
At the same time hospital workers do use masks, even hand made masks.
China has to be very careful of a potential second wave
LJS Lu5 天前
Glad to know that China is beginning to get back to normal. Need to be vigilant. The western medias will waste no time and effort to negatively report China of hiding and suppressing figures and quick to condemn China again if Covid-19 resurface. Now some western medias like the Fox News, Focus China and China Uncensored already paying people to talk on radio and showing clips that riots are happening in China because of Covid-19 . The US Lawmakers morons are quick to condemn China out of jealousy and envious resentment. Also, China and the rest of the world has to be very very careful and vigilant of the new virus coming out from the US ,called the " American Moronavirus". It won''t kill you but it attack your brain and become a MORON.
很高兴知道中国开始恢复正常的消息。但是需要提高警惕。 如果Covid19疫情再次出现,西方媒体将第一时间不遗余力地负面报道中国隐藏和压制数字,并迅速谴责中国。 现在,一些西方媒体,如“福克斯新闻”“聚焦中国”“全面中国”这些媒体已经付钱给人们让他们在电台说因为Covid-19中国正在发生骚乱。 美国的领导人很快就会因为嫉妒而谴责中国。 此外,中国和世界其他地区必须非常小心和警惕来自美国的新病毒,称为“美国傻子病毒”。 它不会杀死你,但它会攻击你的大脑,成为一个傻子。
pritam gogoi
May china recover soon. Game has just started here. wish us luck
愿中国早日复苏。 游戏刚刚开始。 祝我们好运
Jade Ng
Hope we all can get through it.
Koon Jay
Not believing a single word from communist Chinese
Uncle Ben
Good job, China.
A lot of countries should learn from their success.
Anyone who busy blaming China instead of acknowledging how quick they reacted and solve this plague is either hypocrite or blind.
Google User
I am happy for you, China! Stay safe though!
我为你高兴,中国! 不过,仍要注意安全!