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mmortal Galaxy Tree
I'll just say it straight away, RM JI is a novel for people sick of harems, rape, pointlessly arrogant young masters, cons
ant lame face slapping, and overly talented main characters who are naturally gifted with the highest possible talent and
or an absolutely overpowered cheatitem and/or introduced right away to a teacher that guides them through the most optim
al cultivation path possible.
he main character is not a hero filled with a passion for all that is good, nor are they an edgy anti hero that people l
ove because they go around breaking laws at first glance just because they can
Han Li was simply a mortal given a chance to cultivate, and by doing so he is given"his own path to immortality
he novel starts off very slow, but I urge you to give it a try. It becomes worth it to read
est novel of ww in my opinion, showing the difficulties of the cultivation path like no one does. Starts slow but you ha
ve to endure and give it a try, believe me than you are not going to regret it
We can find a well developed MC with almost no plot armor what en joy success and endure defeat in a mature way
he only problem of this novel was the incredible slow release speed but I was solved some months ago and with 14 charac
er per week this is an absolute must what every fan of xianxia novels should read and enjoy
you want someone who soars through the heavens in one step, then you won't enjoy this
Han Li does get his crutch like any other MC, but his struggle for immortality lasts much longer than others. Although th
might be frustrating for readers who see the MC gain very little and lose as much, it can also be just as refreshing
e has no talent, and fights rely on the treasures rather than the skill in most aspects. Han Lirealizes this, and treat
severy fight with caution rather than jumping into action without any preparation
me arcs do tend drag on a bit too long but it's also expected when he can t use heaven king items and skills. If yo
have the patience, I highly recommend it for you
EDIT: Translation might be a big downside to this novel, as there's been terribly inconsistent release rates in the past
and recent editing errors have also been an issue.
Probably the best novel in WW at the time I wrote this review. This not even a boastful claim since there's just so many
novels in this website alone that stole a troupe, plotline, character sheet, etc etc from RMJI
If you like, who likes a smart, calm MC with a good badass personality that you could root for, this is it Look no furth
r. He's a very well written character in a very well written novel
To add to the fact, that there's not a lot of plot hole, or deus exmachina plot armor in the novel that would let you enj
o the novel without losing any brain cell, RMJI also made you wanting for more chapters because of the good fighting scer
nd three dimensional characters that would be the gold standard of Chinese WN.
ne of the best cultivation
spects its title. This novel is really about the struggle of an ordinary, untal
nted youth, who later on late in standard (not too good, not too bad)cultivation world.
Him succeeding and increasing his power is not due to talent, but due to(moderately hard work, (weak and later mildly
trong)treasures, thin king and taking advantage of situations, and definitely not plot armor( most of the story )
Even though it's slow, it deserves being read, seeing the world from the perspective of a struggling person without massi
ve power-ups is a good experience.
Side characters are not overlooked, despite not being that important, and it's a bit sad seeing the aging of MC's family,
and him wandering whether or not to sever his ti
If you want to know why I like this novel, just read the other reviews
put RMJI on the same level as Overgeared, one chinese and one korean, one about martial cultivation and the other about
a game, but both masterpieces
he author will not forget anything in the story Han Li find a treasure but can't use it Even if you forget it after
200 chapters, the author wont There is a clear goal, and almost nothing is left to the authors egoistic wishes because
rerything is planned, the MC isn't some guy who got all of the worlds luck, it really is a cultivator's life, more reali
tie than any other cultivation novel, a refreshing change.
e won't provoke every young masters but be careful and also does not let his enemies live, without a care for beautiful
women. But he attach great importance toward friendship, debts and love
He is Han Li and his name is the only way to define him, otherwise the desertion won't be complete
我把《凡人修仙传》和《 oversea》放在同一水平上,一个是中国的,一个是韩国的,一个是关于修真的,另一个是关于游戏的,但都是杰作。
Kelvin arent
ne of the best cultivation novels i have read, although i am only up to chapter 1354.
ne of the best things about this novel is that his'cheat' does not directly effect his cultivation or com bat ability, i
s more a supplement. This means the MC must work for every advance, and no he is not that talented
Another point I like about this novel is the lack of an obvious pattern. the MC, like in most cultivation novels does tra
in, go on adventures, encounter battles and craft things. However there is no set pattern. The only pattern i have seen so
far is that each major struggle tends to break the MCs treasures. This means he must repair them or earn new ones. This
a welcome change from novels where the MC learns a new super awesome move or power and then slowly, or immediately, no
grer uses the old ones for no reason.
But what I most like about this novel is how realistically the characters are portrayed. None of them are dumb and all ha
ve their own motivations. No 2D characters to be found here
his novel does have its downsides though, story progression is slow and relationships with other characters tend not to
last long. The second flaw is mainly due MC being a loner. I hope that you enjoy this novel as much as I am