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ndians must be getting sick seeing their sugardaddy America pants being pulled down by China like this, on US soil.
USA is world champion hacker
USA(what USA say)dont represent the world
3. Most countries in the world rejected USA version of "universal value
First time I get orgasm in watching diplomatic talks
Let teach those cowboy, that We are Asian People is Equal compared to westerners.
Yankees thought China will say nice words after the usual propaganda by the Yankees. What happened was China gave a firm response in no uncertain terms directly to their face in their own backyard in front of the world media. Yankees are stunn.
As reported, the fiery exchange on opening speeches was a shock to the Americans although they voiced a lot of threatening words before the summit. One laughable thing is that blxen was forced to admit Americas own human right problems after.Yangs opening speech.
Well I think we thought too well of the united states, we thought that the U.S. side will follow the necessary diplomatic
protocols So for China it was necessary that we make our position clear. So let me say here that in front of the Chinese side, the United States does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength.
China is just tired of being lectured by the West.
China has found its strength and found that the west can t harm it.
it is not old China and this is not that US. China has several US weaknesses at hand to exploit.
it is two big economies fight and will not be that easy for Biden thing may heat up on several occasions even in the fut
most consequential impact of Trump's presidency on US China relations is that it removed Chinas fear of the US. I thnk that was pretty evident in this meeting.
It is a fight, not talk And China is humiliating USA.
um pretty sure part of the defiant stance China took was to assure the Russians that the unity in their cause was not doubt, especially since Biden just called Putin a killer'.
Russia has the land. China has the men. Russia and China together is a big challenge for America which neither has the land nor the men.
Well, the US, Canada and Australia are pretty massive landmasses that are equal to the size of Russia and China. Plus the US has a massive alliance system that includes almost all of the worlds most industrialized and wealthiest countries
But in Chinas backyard, China far overpowers the US.
Australia is irrelevant. Only Canada and the US are connected by road the way China and Russia are connected by road. Als Canada does not get involved in foreign wars. The only country that will fight for America is probably australia.
On a serious note. In the decades since the Imperial
ese were at war with America, has there been an Asian power that has spoken in such a self righteous manner to the had the might to back it up.
CCP has to be careful not to get overzealous and make the same mistake.
Japan has 10% the population of China. Japan has far smaller area than China. Japan lacks China's ancient history and cuure which dates to 2000 BC. While America can easily take down Japan, China is a whole different ball game.
n many aspects China surpasses US in terms of military power. Cases in point. J-20 fighter jets. Type 055 destroyers. Tye o95 su marines. US have no answer to them.
After watching the video, I have only one feeling It's like a pervert who has been verbally harassing you for so long that today he pulled back his clothes and exposed his stuff. And then you find out that his dick is as immature as a 6 year ol Technically you, as the victim, should scream, but not generate any feelings of fear or humiliation. You might even want .
If you take a very close look, blxen's eyes bled, and he rubbed his hands constantly. I can see his nervousness. 
The F-22 exceeds the J-20. The Zumwalt surpasses the Type 055, and the Seawolf Class subs surpass the Type o95. The Chinese navy in numbers may surpass the US navy, but in tonnage is barely half that of the US Navy. The entire sea floor of the world's oceans are lined with sonar nets. US spy and communications satellites are more numerous and more powerful then Chinese systemses, China has made great strides, and with time, it will build up the capa bilities to reach parity in a couple of decade ,but at the moment, the Chinese military is a very powerful but still defensive force
to be honest. China never never fear US. China knew very well that US can't afford a direct full scale war with China. Think about korea war think about vietnam war When china draw the red line. us dare not to cross
TS can play the war game card, but look, has US invaded North Korea? Has US invaded Iran? Has US invaded Russia? The anser is clear, US can only play proxy war Will Japan be foolish enough to take China directly for US? Will South Korea do that? Even India would not. Every country pursue own interest, no country dare to invade China, all bluff.
As long as 1.4 billions China united, US can only bark, but not bite.
Trump is the one who initiate more confrontational policy to China from USA side and look like it will be followed by other US President, regardless it is Republican or Democrat. What I can say is that Trump has gotten its obxtive and now hiolicy is accepted by US establishment, including their political opponent(Democrat)
When Russia took back Crimea, US did nothing. When Iran bom bed US bases, US did nothing. China has seen big US weakneshe aura of invincibility of the US is shattered into a million piece That position of strength quote by Yang is brutal. That will definitely sting the American ego. Other smaller nations are
watching this to see how China stood up to the Americans, Psychologi cally it is a big moment.