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ohnny Jonathan, studied Economics at Federal University of Bahia
Ask if before why. This is simple not true at all between 1930 and 1970, Brazil growth more than any other country [1. Brazil was the China of this time. No wonder we gained the slogan " the country of the future.But after the stagflation of 1970 and the rise of the Oil prices, Brazil had a lot of macro economical problems, which mainly leaded to a hyperinflation between 80-go(in 94 it was mostly solved)and a big fiscal problem between 2010 and 2015 at we don t know if we will be able to solve this second one vet.
ohnny Jana than巴伊亚联邦大学经济学专业
Jack lee works at china
As far as I know, this can only be done in China, because most of the countries in the world adopted democratic structure
suggested by developed Western world Democracy sounds attracting, but it inherently unable to handle bad trends like cor
ruption. The Western populated the seeds of democracy around the world, and the soil found it may cause
the"cancer" is systematic corruption. You may find it in may countries in the world.
he other is abuse of drugs. This"cancer" is growing fast, even in the homeland of democracy
he third is low efficiency to develop, Develop slowly has been proved to be an false proposition. China tried, but was b
eaten by guns and cannons from British as a representative. Unfortunately, democracy brings low efficiency, which will dra
g their industry to fail in severe global competition, No top company in the world will use democracy to manage their busi
ness. Why? Some big companies are as big and complex as small countries
he fourth is hard to execute long term target. Long term target is important to save resources and energy. Democracy mak
es any long term target easy to fail or shrink. The US is good at keeping long term target, but Trump broken it
So, my conclusion is the secrete lies in Chinas fast development is her unique political structure and social arrangeme
as bad orevil, you just have not experience
Its succes
Jack Lee,在中国工作
Derek Gould. Studied at HKU and also taught there.
here is an allegedly Chinese saying"Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness" which probably describes the Chinese people' s get-up-and-go attitude best.
in other words, to overcome obstacles like corruption instead of being stalled by them don t know anything about Brazilian culture, but if it's stereotypically laid-back (especially in the face of obstacles), that could explain why China is moving ahead and Brazil isnt
Derek gould,曾在香港大学学习及任教。
Claire wang. Know about china
he answer lies in trade and Consumption, which are essential factors for economic growth. China and Brazil now have very similar GDP per capita and HDI, but population size and a responsive government do matte Country comparison Brazil vs China 2019 Lifting millions out of poverty, China now also has a giant middle class population that is still rapidly growing Despit being accused of many human right abuses, an averaged Chinese benefited far more from the country's growth than average
daire Wang了解中国
Mike Alvarez, Math, Physics, Software guy
China is a nuclear state and it can do whatever it wants in regards to domestic policy. Brazil doesn't have that freedom there are too many interests, the rich, the poor, the media, the politicians, the US who always keeps a watchful eye on Brazil so that it does not grow too powerful so as not to challenge its supremacy in South America. It would be unthin kable for the Brazilian government to execute corrupt government officlals, it would never happen and the US would overthrown its government one way or the other. Still, I believe there are other factors, China remains fairly homogeneous being 90% Han and they are very smart having an IQ of at least 105. Have you heard the term "math so complex only an Asian can do it'? There are too many racial problems in Brazil which promote underdevelopment. That's it!
Mike alvarez,数学,物理,软件专家
Pavel Shevchuk, B Sc from Higher School of Economics(2010
here are possibly many sides to this story, I will only tell you one. China started from a very, very low base. In 1991 GDP per person in Brazil was $3, 000. In China it was mere $300. It is so much easier to grow when you start very poor even very insignificant capital investments and slightly outdated technologies may yield spectacular productivity growth.
avel shevchuk,高等经济学院理学士(2019)
Emilio Vidal, Forensic Science Expert at Venezuela(2002-present)
China has 5ooo years of OWN HISTORY Brazil was invaded by the portuguese, who destroys their social order 5oo hundred year ago, then, they are building a norruption? Well. happens all over.
Emilio vida委内瑞拉司法科学专家(2002年至今)
Brazil's age-sex pyramid is shrin king at the base and widening towards the top, looking more like an ogive than a pyramid That means the population is aging, and adults rather than the young now account for the largest group.
he economy should be developing fast at this stage, faster than ever, while most of the population is economically activ This should be the time to make hay while the sun shines, as the saying goes, by taking advantage of the fact that a large chunk of the population is able to work
he'while-the-sun-shines part is critical; the more the top of the age-sex pyramid widens, the larger the share of the population that' s in retirement. A large retired population is a huge drain on the economy - developed countries, most of whose age-sex pyramids are already there, have enough of a hard time funding their healthcare and pension systems.
Marcello miller,律师
what has Brazil been doing to make hay while the sun shines? Saying 'nothing would put it mildly. Essentially the cuntry has wasted an entire decade of economic growth Between 2010-2020, the economy will have posted near-zero growth Until the late go's, Brazil had a place in the world economy as an industrial powerhouse. Although the industrial sector is still strong, Brazil's economy has experienced a certain measure of de-industrialization, mostly as result of Asian competition. The high growth between 2000 and 2012 was mainly led by commodities exports, which is no sound, sustainable way for such a big, complex country to grow.
has serious shortcomings in regulatory affairs, infrastructure and productivity, all three of which are obviousl twined And it has a tremendously pressing issue in its immense income inequality. Ineq uality tends to favor a left leaning agenda, the implementation of which often impacts negatively on regulation and productivity In sum, although I don' t see Brazil's economy sliding down too hard (it's huge and complex and it tends to find ways ushion itself), it's hard to see it skyrocketing anytime soon.
aniel Souza. lived in brazil
Unfortunately we had several populist politicians that seem to believe that they can"end poverty " and"make the count
ry developed"by just signing a document (na canetada). This series of policies that spam from very strict labor regulati
ns, increasing minimum wage constantly, high taxation(only the government can solve the problems), and crippling bureauc
acy has corroded Brazilian Industry Competitiveness and therefore we become more dependent on commodities instead of indu
Daniel sauza,住在巴西